Experiencing lockups since the update

Ever since the update, my vectors on screen lock up and require a refresh. I can still click on the settings, but no moving the vectors shows up. Just frozen.

Windows 10

How do you know what the version number is and if whether or not you have received an update?

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They announced it.

I had this today, too. I don’t want to open my own support ticket yet because I’m currently unable to easily get to my GF (one brief trip downstairs per day is about all my postsurgical wimpiness can manage) if they want me to try stuff, but I grabbed a screen shot in case it might be of any use (today at 1:34pm Pacific time):

Two of the items were movable. The one in blue was frozen, so I couldn’t scootch it around, but fortunately there was enough of it over the scrap to run the test I was after. It didn’t interfere with printing, just interacting with it in the GFUI.


Yup that is exactly what I’m seeing to. If I hit the refresh I can move stuff around for a little bit but then I believe it locks up again.

You’re not wrong: there are no user-accessible version numbers. We can only assume that when Glowforge announces an update, we’ll get it soon after. In the absence of obviously visible changes, it’s hard to tell.

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Thanks for letting us know about this. I’ve been unable to reproduce the behavior you’ve described, so I’m afraid I’ll need a few more details to help narrow things down.

  1. Do you use any other browsers, and has the same behavior occurred in those browsers?

  2. Are you seeing this issue with designs you previously uploaded, newly uploaded designs, or both?

  3. Does this start right after the design loads in the Workspace, or does it take time to occur?

  4. Have you noticed any particular details about what happens before this behavior starts? For instance, do you take any certain action, either in the app or in the browser?

  5. One other thing I’d like to make sure of is that all browser updates are current. While Google Chrome does allow automatic updates, it often requires a relaunch of the browser to apply these updates. Could you please let me know if the behavior is occurring on the most up-to-date version of Chrome?

New and old designs ever since the update.

Your Glowforge is experiencing sympathy pains.


Ha! That must be it! :laughing:

We’re still having a hard time reproducing this, and any additional details could be helpful.

@DesignsByPhil mentioned this affected new and old designs, and also mentioned Chrome on Windows 10.

Has anyone else seen the same thing in a different browser or Operation System?

Hardware environment

  • Ram
  • Processor

Timing questions:

  • Does the behavior occur immediately upon loading the design?
  • Do things work as expected for a few minutes (after refresh) before the issue occurs

Triggering actions

  • Does the behavior occur immediately after any particular action, like moving a design
  • or pasting a copy
  • or adding artwork
  • etc

Finding a consistent reproduction of this behavior is the best way to proceed.

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It seems to be better now. @geek2nurse is it better for you?

Yeah, mine’s been working fine. :slight_smile:

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Well that’s good to hear!

I’m going to close this thread - If you bump into this behavior again, please capture as many details as possible and let us know.

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