Experimental tiny sign

Great looking sign, I just recently got my Glowforge and have been doing similar signs for my kids bedroom doors as practice for bigger projects. Been getting a good response so far.


Welcome to the forum.

It’s a great way to see the sign in 3D and work out how the elements could stack up.

Looks great! Do you mind sharing where you sourced your mount board? @kellyandrewsands

I love this! Great job!

No problem - I use Wessex Pictures (I’m in the UK) for all my mountboard and framing supplies.

I used to wear those same glasses! Love the model.

Ok, THAT blows my mind.

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Really cool!

Look forward to seeing the 3’ sign against the mock-up sign. Great work very inspiring thanks for sharing @kellyandrewsands :+1:t2:

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mount board, is it the same as foam core board? The sign looks fantastic!!!

Hi Richard,
No. If you’re in the US, it’s called matt board. The kind of coloured artboard used in picture framing (something I do). Thanks for your praise, it’s nice to get positive feedback from fellow makers.

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That’s great! It turned out great with the colors and no painting? Or did you use white matt board and paint it?

There’s a bit of paint as I didn’t remember to bring all the colours I wanted back from my studio. Having a laser just makes life so easy!

Thanks for that info, I will definitely give it a try!!!

you have no idea how much I like this! Reminds me of Disney hollywood studio’s 50’s prime time cafe! Which if you ever go…make sure you go to this place and order their roast … OMG you will want the recipe…and if you shower them with compliments to the chef…the chef will email you the recipe…and it’s so good at home too! Wish I had this kind of artistic talent


Thank you! I’d quite like to visit the states one day, there’s a lot of insirational things to see.

Good afternoon.
Can you tell me what settings you used to cut your material?
Or if you could let me know where to find settings for different material for glowforge.
I’d like to try card stock and Matt board, but I can’t find any info how to set the machine.

All information for non-Proofgrade settings is in the Beyond the Manual section. A quick search there for “Settings - Cardboard” pulls up the settings that other people have used:

Thank you.
I can’t wait to check it out.