Experimenting with thin finger joints


1/8" solid Walnut from http://www.gvwp.net/

Entire joint length is about 1" (1.02 or something). The fingers are about 0.035" wide. I think I could probably take them down to about 0.02". I tried at closer to 0.015, and it scorched to death.

Manually rounded corners with sandpaper, sanded to 600 grit, then hit with a coat of Feed-n-wax. I like the look, I think I will incorporate it in my next project.

Scorched to death:

Variations of finger joints

Itty bitty finger joints. They look great!


Looks nice, would make a great look on a box, right now as it sits looks like a tiny book, You should get a shot of it being held by a lego character, that would make my day LOL.


Fantastic! Very nice rounded edge. For some reason thin seems to make it less “fingery?” and more of a design feature.


You guys are too fast, I wasn’t even done uploading pictures!


Cute, cute, cute! :grinning:


Beautiful finish … looks so nice.


Wow they’re incredible. Nice work!


Oh, it’s beautiful! I definitely want to see more of this.


Woah! I’d be afraid my big fingers would break all those little fingers. Good jorb!


Wonderful example of small finger joints that are possible with the glowforge :+1:t2:

How did you round the corner ?


Original post mentioned how I did the rounding …


They are actually pretty strong, just to be sure the grain runs along your fingers, not across.


Oops :roll_eyes:

Yes I can see that now. My not reading all the words, bit me in the :scream: again.

Uh words strung together to make sentences and thoughts and STUFF…


I will do better glowforge family.


drill a 0.115" hole down the middle and drop in a bamboo meat skewer and you have a nice hinge :smile:


It’s 1/8” material, not sure that’d be too strong :wink:

Now a skinny little brass wire maybe…


Its bamboo, likely stronger than the wood around it, all the grain in one direction. Try breaking one between your fingers on one hand. I cannot.


I wasn’t worried about the bamboo, I was worried about the 1/8" walnut…


There you have a point, in that case perhaps a thin brazing rod,


If you really want to go thinner you could try creating the cut in three layers. The first layer would be the left side of the finger, the second would be the right, and the third would be the bottom.

In theory it would allow some cooling between cuts. It seems scorching gets worse as your cuts get closer. This might give you just a bit more tolerance.