Explain Your Forum Avatar


As one Regular forum member said to me in an email, “I claim stupidity.” Some Avatars I can figure out, photos, logos, etc., but many others, I am not familiar with the cultural reference or just plain silliness. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Many of you are regular posters. I thought it might be fun to hear (read) how you came up with your Avatar.

Mine is of my 1985 Mazda RX7 that I converted to electric drive and drag raced. OK, now it’s your turn. - Rich


Mine is Calvin and Hobbes. This is the tattoo I would get it I were going to get a tattoo. C&H is my absolute favorite comic strip, so much so that when Watterson quit, I stopped reading comic strips altogether. FYI, if you like C&H and haven’t seen it, find the documentary called Dear Mr. Watterson. Additionally a great read is a book called “Looking for Calvin and Hobbes”.


C&H is one of my favorites too. I have several books with the comic, and I read the reprints online (GoComics) every day. - Rich


I am lucky enough to have an amazing wife that bought me the hardback complete collection. I passed my various individual books onto a friend’s kid a couple years back.


Mine is of my Quickie Tri-Q200. It is a version of a Burt Rutan design. I loved the little rocket ship but sadly had to sell it to fund my current airplane build.

Funny you mention the RX7 Electric conversion. I have a Lotus Europa sitting in my garage that I think would make a great electric conversion. Dead simple and amazingly light. I just have a hard time justifying the cost for yet another “toy” in my life.


Well, Mine is simply a picture of me my wife took in the New York wine country. To see my car click on my Avatar and is the background on my profile.

Well, I thought is was, but it doesn’t actually show :frowning:


It worked for me!


Not sure why it’s not displaying for me.

Thanks for the confirmation!


Nice Stang! I too am a Mustang guy… though I’ve never owned one. I drove my mom’s '89 in high school. My dream would be the 1965 Shelby GT350 Fastback in blue with white racing stripes.


Thanks! Working for Ford Motor Company it’s had not to love these cars.

I’ve had this yellow GT 5.0 for almost a year now and put 20k miles on it. Hard to believe, still no tickets. Hope I didn’t just jinks myself.


A Phoenix Knight.

Why? Because I like the honor that had the knights and the phoenix means for me that no matter what problem you have you will reborn of it and even if defeated you will reborn with knowledge :slight_smile:

… Also because I like adventure games and movies hahahaha :sweat_smile:


Mine is a picture of me showing off the cool beanie I got as swag from the PlayStation Experience. That was the first and last time I ever wore that thing since I’m not normally a hat person.


I LIKE(!) that car…very nice. - Rich


Joked to my friend about showing up to his wedding in a white fitted suit and storm trooper helmet.
His wife told me I that I HAD to.


My friends. So early and out of “Likes” for a while. :rage: - Rich


Sir, now you have given me the idea for my best man when i get married :grinning: :grinning:


Mine’s a hedgehog.


That;s not you?


mine is just little 'ol me :upside_down:


Me with my (late) dog, Sanne. . .