Extension cord reel

Still not sure what I think about this little project. I’m open for suggestions for ver 2. The center hub roller part needs some work. At least this one cord that is seldom used is organized and out of the way.


Looks pretty good to me! :slightly_smiling_face:

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As the practical cuts rep here (self-appointed) I approve. The only design change I see that I’d make is to turn the hub slats 90d giving a smother inner for the first layer of cord.


That would make is look better. I was thinking more for stability than looks but I might give it a try for ver 2. It’s mostly the inner reel (axial kind of thing) that needs reworking. Maybe making the center a full 360. I was kinda patterning this after a version of this sort of thing I’ve seen that is made out of plastic. It also needs a handle sticking out the side to aid in rolling up the cord.


If you are looking for inspiration here is one made for vacuum hose that I think would work great scaled for electrical cord.


It has everything you are looking for.


Great project! Reminds me of this one. I actually ended up making one for my Christmas lights.


Nice project, anything that helps organize or helps with ease of use … Is great!