External Air filter just beeps. Won't work

I’ve replaced the air filter cartridge and I’ve tried replacing the fuse. The air filter just beeps then…nothing. I’ve reached out to @glowforge and crickets. Anyone else had this issue and can provide a solution? Thank you!

Was it working before and just started beeping or is it brand new and has only ever beeped?


It was working before. I’ve had the air filter about 1 year. I stopped using it for about 3 days until my new cartridge arrived. I changed the cartridge and turned it on and it just beeped. I then researched and saw that I may need to replace the fuse. I did that and again, nothing.

I don’t have an air filter but it sounds to me like there should be a reset button to let it know the filter has been changed.

Finally heard from @glowforge. If you turn the fan knob, it will kick on. You live and learn, I guess. Thanks all.

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Thanks for updating us on how you fixed it. Now, you may save someone else some time in the same situation if they come across this discussion while searching.

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