External blower instead of internal fan

Hello all!

I have been tossing around the idea of getting a filter for the forge and moving it upstairs…but was concerned about the noise it makes. Pretty high pitched when running.

I also have an inline blower for my vent system that pulls 300cfm. Since that is more than the GlowForge fan does on its own, I thought I would test out how quiet the machine was with the “air filter attached” option set. I can’t believe how loud that internal fan is.

My question is this…if I use my 300cfm inline vent fan, is it okay to leave the internal off? The few test runs I’ve done haven’t been any different smoke/smell wise in the house. Done acrylic, wood and aluminum…all the same so far.

To my brain, it seems like it should be fine. But I don’t know if the switch turns anything else on/off.



That is how I run Beamer.

and yes that internal fan is loud!

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I got the inline fan just so I could turn off the internal fan…I removed it too.


Have you had any issues with removing your internal fan? My GF was flaming a lot, so I thought my internal fan was blocked or old. I added the AC Infinity 6" and I am still having the same flaming issues. I was thinking about removing the internal fan, but now I can’t get the flames to stop, and can’t run the GF at all safely. Wondering if it is something else. Intake is clear, and air assist fan is clean. I cleaned all the lenses. There are not any system warnings, so I am just not sure what to do.

No clue. I don’t get flames. The only time I have any issue is when my air assist needs cleaning. I removed the exhaust fan because it was blocking air flow for my inline fan.

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Is the air assist blowing smoke toward the front of the machine? If not that can cause flaring up.

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Have you checked that the main lens is not “cup side up”? a very easy thing to happen and causes a lot of flames. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Now that sounds like a fun project…was it simple to get to?

Simple for a basic not so much if you have a pro.

I’ve got the plus…so I assume it’s like the basic then…

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It’s not too difficult. Here in my adventure. I removed the fan completely a bit later.

Yes! Just put your new fan at the end of the exhaust hose so it’s pulling all the air out and not pushing it down the hose.


Yes! Save your ears!!!

Better still, if you’ve got a basic - take the fan out all together - it improves flow and you don’t have to clean it.

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