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If you use an exhaust fan like an AC infinity do you keep both the Glowforge Pro internal fan and External infinity fan turned “ON” or you must turn off the internal fan?

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Depending on the length of your exhaust run the external fan should be all you need.
Glowforge designed the machine to be self-contained. That 4" exhaust fan screams along at 13,000 RPM, but in a ‘permanent’ installation, employing an external fan that is so much quieter is the way to go.
Personally, I would turn off the internal fan, see if the infinity doesn’t do the job and make your world much quieter.


Thank you!

I knew someone that had a Glowforge pro and a External exhaust fan and did just that. He turned off the internal fan and it was all quite and did the job but after a few months he told me the internal fan was all dirty and it was harder for him to clean. Just want to make sure I keep the internal fan clean and the Glowforge working properly if I eventually purchase an external exhaust fan.


That exhaust fan is difficult to clean, especially in the pro. As long as it is in the exhaust stream it will continue to collect smoke deposit on it. Some of us including me removed the fan after the warranty expired and rely on an external booster fan.

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I removed mine (which is not simple on the Pro) then also cut out the grate on the back.

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My internal fan (turned off) seems to not get near as dirty since adding an external fan. After having the external fan for 3 months, I don’t see any additional gunk buildup on the internal fan blades.
I guess everyone’s milage may vary depending on what they cut.

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