Extra Screw

We got our Glowforge in earlier this week. We eagerly pulled it out of the box and started in on all of the instructions.

We actually did take the time to read every thing. However after, when we tried to close the lid for the first time, it didn’t close. Upon closer inspection, we noticed an extra screw, right near the right hinge. We looked all over but didn’t see where it could have come from. It is a T10.

We noticed that several of the screws in the side of the front door were loose, so we went ahead and tightened them. The printer appears to work fine, as we have already done several laserings (?) with it.

Any ideas where the screw may have come from? Assuming anywhere, and not just an extra screw dropped in the machine during assembly?


I’m so sorry for the delayed reply and that you had to tighten screws in your Glowforge, I’ve passed that feedback on to the team.

In terms of the screw, it looks like a stray found its way into your Glowforge during the assembly process.

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