Extremely Disappointed

About two weeks ago I started having issues with my glowforge I have been patient. Did the email thing waited a minimum of 24 hrs for a response. Communicated back and forth trying to solve the problem again taking forever between communications. I have tried not to get get cranky but I was sent a part that cost $158 to fix my machine. Guess what my machine still has the same issues. I really would like to get this figured out before another 2 weeks passes. Issue is I had an air assist fan error. The tech changed something on their end it worked for a bit then nothing except little fires. I contacted again and was told I needed a new air assist fan ok paid for it, it arrived today and still exact same issue. I love my machine but I need help getting it up and running

I feel you. I am still waiting for my refurbished machine that was promised to be sent “right away” to me. It’s been 2 weeks. nil

That’s just terrible.

$158 for a fan? Yikes. That seems like a pretty substantial markup.


Some of your complaint is legit. Clearly the time spent in the back and forth is not acceptable from any company. But… Diagnosing a problem from afar is usually hit and miss. Historical data and logs from the unit will determine the most likely solutions. Many will benefit from a best guess, some will not. The only guaranteed solution for a machine out of warranty is sending the unit back, incurring 2 way shipping costs, surprisingly high repair costs, and shipping time. I can’t say whether the charge was too high or not, but $158 for a failed repair attempt is a fraction of what sending the machine back will cost. Each of us needs to decide whether down time or the probability of a higher repair cost is the priority. Guessing it’s not like the Support team isn’t hoping to fix an issue the first time.


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.