EXTREMLY disappointed and frustrated

I have had the Aura for a little more than 2 weeks now. It had no problem at first and made a few items. Now it will not work and keeps throwing up an error message. Glow Forge Support is a joke. It’s going on 5 days now.

I’m sorry your Aura is giving you trouble. I understand how frustrating it is when things don’t work. I had some choice words for a Java compiler yesterday.

I sense that you just want to vent, and that’s fine. If you are looking for troubleshooting advice from the community, we’ll need a little more information, but as you’re already in touch with Glowforge Support, that’s probably the conversation to continue. They need to go through their process methodically, but I’m confident they’ll get to a solution, or a replacement if there is something wrong with your machine.

I wish you the best of luck getting back in operation as soon as possible.


Welcome to the community. I too am sorry you’re having problems. This is a very busy time for support, but they will help you. Did you call them or send an email? Also, if you’d care to share more information about exactly what the problem is, we have a lot of smart and caring people in here who might be able to help you while you’re waiting for them.


I’m so sorry to hear about your experience! I definitely want to make sure we can help with what is happening with your Aura. How did you reach out to our Support team? If you don’t mind letting me know what name you wrote into Support and more details on your interaction and I can check in with the team. Thank you!


As @chris1 notes, if you want community support (many of us have been here since the pre-release days and have made every mistake you can make, and have either needed support ourselves or know how to work around all sorts of issues) so give us a bit more info (obviously if the machine is totally dead that’s not a community thing) but we have a lot of really helpful folks here to get you over the hump, but it would be extremely helpful to us to know what error you are encountering? I am assuming the error message is in the GFUI (the nameless web interface that we mostly abbreviate on here as GFUI) since the machine signals an error by the button turning a different color, but looks like @emilyhuh is getting you some corporate help there.


if you tell us what error message you’re getting some of the wise folks in here might know how to solve that. a point of clarification… I am NOT one of those folks. LOL


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