Extruded vs Cast Acrylic


This is in response to @nunzioc asking the difference between the two when engraved. Here are two similar engraves. The one on the left is extruded, the right, cast. Extruded cuts a bit more cleanly, but engraves poorly compared to Cast.

Ignore the paint on the left one.


That’s a stunning difference.
Same color acrylic?
It’s quite stark.
Thanks for the illustration.


Soooo… basically the same, then? :grin:

I knew there was a difference, but wow.


Yeah, both clear 1/8". You will see a good bit of variance in extruded acrylic, like the photo I showed of the other piece in the other thread whitened a bit more than this one. Thats why I just try to stick with cast for engravings. Extruded is great for constructions though.


Wow that is a mile apart


And the one on the right smells 10,000% better when cutting.

Still smells horrible. Cut the other is THAT MUCH WORSE