Type of Acrylic

I am looking for the PG acrylic that glowforge sells. I tried to buy it from them but they are out of stock. If anyone knows exactly what it is called I will look around to get more. They say transparent glossy and everywhere I go no one knows what that is. Any ideas/

Search the forum for “acrylic source”, lots of discussions.

You want cast acrylic with paper masking (ideally). Plastic masking can work but paper is cleaner.

Just be wary, right now acrylic is in short supply so many companies are shipping very slowly. If time is an issue you will want to inquire.


Any reputable plastics dealer (and, realistically, anyone else with a basic grasp of English and some common sense) will understand what this means. Most clear acrylic is transparent with a glossy finish. Colored acrylic may be called translucent, but it’s still pretty obvious. You can also get acrylic that is opaque and/or matte. All of these will work fine. Cast acrylic is generally preferred, but extruded will work in a pinch. Might smell more.


So silly question. Can I not just clean the acrylic that comes with the plastic masking?

It’s not a matter of it being dirty, it’s a matter of how it cuts. It gets kind of melty around the edges sometimes.

Paper-backed is easy enough to source, but plastic will work in a pinch. If I have the choice (and pretty much always do), I will always go for paper.


Extruded and cast cut about the same, but engrave very differently. If you search (again) for “extruded cast”, you’ll find gems like this:


in which we find

and so forth.


Thank you for letting me know. Now I just have to find a source that sells it. Amazon is overpriced

I think OP is referring to ProofGrade acrylic, which dealers would not know. If the dealers are asked about cast vs extruded, most ify then should know, but several I have worked with didn’t know what they carried.

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Like I said, those threads have lots of discussion about places to get it. Don’t ignore the possibility of local suppliers.


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