Face Shield design (free files at link)

This site designed a face shield for laser cutting: Creative Design and Additive Manufacturing Lab. In case you wanted to make some.

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hm. I wonder if wood is the best choice here, seems that it would be hard to clean. @henryhbk, thoughts?


This is a cool design, but I also would be concerned about cleaning. We got feedback that the holes at the top of the PRUSA design are problematic as well, so we moved to a solid sheet in our laser efforts.

In the end, I think the key is to work with local medical teams to create something they will use. For personal use, I guess use whatever you can get your hands on.

Hi ChristyM,

What solid sheet design did you go with? The Georgia Tech design or another? Please share design.


The design is based on the Prusa files and then revised for cnc /laser:
https://lowellmakes.com/face-shields/ (u dear the zipped files)

Thank you, ChristyM. This is design is indeed quicker to make.

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What is most # of face shield frame you can print out of one sheet? 12X10. I could only get 4 maximum

I don’t know. I don’t use 12x10 sheets and I’ve been working with scrap so it’s usually just one or two. Four sounds reasonable for that size sheet.

I printed out the Lowell design. Too narrow and it is not flexible. No good.

Then you should use something else. :slight_smile:
It shouldn’t be too narrow, though. I wonder if there’ still an issue with the file resizing incorrectly in the GF. I’ll look at it tomorrow. It should be basically the same dimensions as the PRUSA design. Not sure what sort of flexibility you thought acrylic would have, but at 3mm, it’s not a lot!

Hey all, just a quick note, in case you haven’t read this article from Make Magazine. A guy at East Tennessee State came up with a design.

here’s the article: https://makezine.com/2020/03/30/plan-c-crisis-mode-for-covid-19/

And the link to his design: https://dropbox.etsu.edu/message/kFeBqPsBFmakK4EVVar3HP

I haven’t looked closely at it as I’m working thru all this and don’t have time to make any but thought I’d forward the info in case anyone is interested.

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