Face shield files converted to our bed sizes and into SVG

This is from an open source that uses PETG. I simplified the files so that the bed size is set to our glowforge and made them into an SVG.

headbandglowforge faceshieldglowforge


You can cut 4 sets of head bands in 8 minutes out of 1 sheet of PETG.


If anyone needs the AI file, let me know.


Thank you!! My PET is on backorder but this will be useful when it arrives.

Where can you order PETG right now?

Good Afternoon. Thank you for this design. What thickness are you all using for the PETG to make these? Also, are they approved to make for hospitals and other medical professionals? Thanks again.

.060 PETG for the head gear.

I’m using my City’s purchasing department, so as a municipality they might have more pull? No word yet.

The question of approved for use is one that every local organization will have to answer for themselves.
It’s made just like a pro version and is better than a bandana…

Please make sure to check with your local hospitals. They may require closed top face shields.

You did a great job with the files.

Thank you for your prompt response and the info. Have a great one!

Is there a link to assembly instructions. Thanks.

I ordered yesterday from McMaster Carr…


Being closed from the top is very important.
Love the thought of making these, just know our healthcare people need it closed at the top.

Being a prehospital provider, I understand what you are saying but the information isn’t entirely correct. These shields may be used along with other PPE. It’s an extra layer of droplet protection, not the ultimate layer.
So yes, hospitals will and are using these.

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They do add more protection than no shield, and I know some locations will use them.

It’s just that they can lead to a false sense of security since they are open to the eyes. Hoping we can find ways to fully protect them, as they put themselves (and their families) at more risk.


Which design is this based on? Would like to know in order to track approvals as different health care providers are approving different equipment.

Prusa faceshield


Just recieved some 0.06" PETG, it seems pretty thick for this application but it’ll have to do. Can we get some assembly instructions, I’m looking at the Prusa website but since thats a 3d printed one I’m not entirely sure how its assembled vs this one.