Failed Laser

So I have a new issue - Successfully cut 2 projects last evening into morning (I do my best work at night, go figure). Loaded a new project, lined everything up hit print, interface did its math, hit go on the machine, project started - 35min cut, 2 passes through MDF. Same material and settings as the two previously successful cuts. Stepped away from the machine for about 20mins, came back and saw it making passes but no laser. Cancelled the print, unplugged the machine, cleaned the head, camera and fan, reassembled, reloaded - no dice. Been reloading and retrying for about an hour now. I’ve had my share of failures with this machine, nearly 3 a week - I call it my First Cut Fail Buddy. But this is the first time it has quit during a cut and still continued to make a useless pass.

TL:DR - Laser failed halfway through a cut after 2 successful cuts. Cleaned and reloaded, no dice

Sounds like the tube or power supply has failed. Posting here has opened a support ticket. They will likely ask you to print the Gift of Good Measure, so they can verify from the logs whether the machine is faulty. Obviously, if the laser is not firing, there will be nothing to see.

If it’s not been cutting reliably, sounds like it was on its way out for a while.

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My machine has never been reliable. Owned it for less then a year. It will work for a day or two then fail, but never the same way twice. This is the first time the laser has quit during a print though so I’m a bit pissed. Every time I’ve asked for assistance before I get the run around from some lazy IT guy or gal and the failure miraculously resolves itself in an hour or two.

Is this artwork you’ve used before? Duplicate vectors will cancel each other out, with the effect being the laser follows the path but doesn’t fire.

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Yes, multiple successful cuts of this artwork in the past

I’m sorry that your unit’s laser isn’t firing. Thank you for sharing detailed information about what you’ve already tried including that you cleaned your unit. I extracted the logs from your most recent prints to take a closer look.

Unfortunately, it looks like your unit is experiencing an issue that we can’t resolve remotely. I want you to have a reliable unit, so I’m recommending we replace this one. I’ll be in touch via email very soon to sort out the details. I’m so sorry about the bad news.