Failing or moving air intake fan--blades hitting case


Running a job today (about after an hour of other jobs) and the air intake fan (right side of the machine) started sounding like the fan blades were striking the case. I reached under and pressed against the honeycomb holes, and it seemed to stop the contact & noise (and this was during a job, so it was still running).

The last month or so it’s sometimes made a strange sound now & then, but this was the first time sounded like the blades were actually striking either the case or the fan’s own squirrel cage. So I’m worried that the bearing is failing, or perhaps a screw or pin holding it in position has loosened/slipped, and it can now shift within the case?

So before it fails completely, want to find out if I can replace the fan myself, or if this requires the unit to go back for repair by the GF team? Your advice is appreciated!

I think, if you’re under warranty, it’s a GF return - but if you’re out they might pony up instructions. That bites, cuz it’s not like that fan really has too big of an opportunity to get dirty!

Any chance something could have gotten sucked in there?

Also, if you’re able, a video with sound might help QA’ing it

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I’m sure I’m out of warranty–unit’s over 2 years old now. I’ll try to have my phone ready when i’m running again to try to capture the noisevwhen it happens again.

That’s a good point about sucking up something–but I do keep that area clear after I a year ago I found I had a small piece of paper that was sucked up against the holes…

I think I have a dental mirror somewhere–or will rig one up–so I can get a look on that side…


It’s on the intake side, it doesn’t get dirty like the exhaust fan. The noise is a bad fan bearing (I have one in my PC about 4’ away that I need to replace tomorrow because it’s making the same kind of “clicky” noise, and I can see that nothing is making contact).

Replace the fan. Get GF to send you one and instructions to replace if it’s still under warranty, pointless to ship it back for something like this. The way my luck runs, I’d get the machine fixed and have it get busted on the way back in shipping…

Yeah, I really would rather try fixing it myself than deal with the transit & risk & the longer down time associated with that! Hope I’ll have enough hours left on it to get thru my holiday show season before it actually fails! (fortunately running more jobs right now and no noise either like a bearing/squirrel cage or blades smacking into another part).

Until it’s squealing like a pig, it’ll still work, just noisily. :slight_smile:

I’m so sorry to hear about the noisy fan. My apologies, we will need more information about this before we can recommend your next step.

If you are still having trouble, could you please take a recording of the noise and post it here for us?

It’s been sporadic, but I’ll be ready to record when it happens again!

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread, so I’m going to close it. However, if you do get to capture that video, please send it to us at and reference this forum thread - we’ll be happy to pick up on troubleshooting where we left off. Thanks!