Fails on 'Scanning your material', doesn't retain 'uncertified settings'

Had my Glowforge turned off for the better part of a week (I know, right? Who does that?)

Uploaded a design, but I’m getting either:

  • Constant “Uploading” showing
  • Constant “Scanning your material” – but without the scan, and simply freezes up and fails to proceed.
  • Exiting edit mode and re-entering it, it doesn’t retain the fact I’m cutting card stock (0.01")

Tried clearing rebooting the Glowforge, testing WiFi, clearing browser caches, tried using both Chrome and Firefox, tried PDF and even importing it into Inkscape and re-exporting as Plain SVG… nothing works to fix the above.

But I can do a bed refresh.

EDIT: Apparently if you write a new thread about your problem, this immediately causes the problem to go away and rectify itself.


LOL, like showing a mechanic what is no long wrong with your car :slight_smile:


Patience padawan :smile:


You gotta laze when you wanna laze! Heh… after 30 minutes of tomfoolery, I lost patience.

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When I set up my new Pro it did its thing and then stopped doing anything for awhile but didn’t go “online” in the GFUI so I was torn between turning it off & trying to restart or letting it go. I decided maybe it was loading some update that wasn’t available when they tested & boxed it up so I waited and sure enough a few minutes later it did a little head dance and came alive. :smile: Really wish it had some kind of user feedback to tell us what it’s doing though.


Agreed. It would be nice if the Glowforge blinked some sort of “post-upgrade” color after getting some sort of upgrade and restarting. But I have my doubts that this was the actual Glowforge firmware being upgraded, I suspect it was some cloud updates.

Still, no indication of either – no schedule or even a heads up of when cloud updates are going to occur – it’s a PITA.

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Thank you for the feedback, I’ve passed it on to the team.

Glad you were able to sort things out. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!