Failure To Cut Proofgrade Materials

I submitted a ticket about a week ago and haven’t had a response yet so I figured I would ask here in case I missed something. My forge arrived seemingly intact (minor victory) and I unboxed it and then set it up. I then tried my first print (the ruler) using a sheet of medium proofgrade. It seemed to go ok until the cut pass, which failed miserably (maybe slightly deeper than the etch). I tried again with the same result. I then tried another sheet with the same results. I then followed the “failure to cut” troubleshooting guide… followed by the same failure. I then began experimenting. Left on the default settings it requires three passes to successfully cut. If I switch to manual I have to slow the speed from 168 to around 110 to get cuts. Any other things I should try? Thanks in advance.

Aside from checking that the proper thickness is listed in the UI, and that the material is flat, you did the right thing slowing the cut.
If you could post a pic here of the failed cuts, good chance the company will credit you the material. This has been reported numerous times. My guess is the problem reflects some change in the proofgrade manufacture process, because it used to be perfect.

Far too many, in my opinion. I’m getting tired of wasting material.

Whatever the issue, let’s hope it gets resolved sharp-ish. If nothing else, a simple change to Proofgrade settings should suffice until the material gets sorted.

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Yeah, I’m sure the company is getting tired of hearing of their customer’s jobs failing, and having to credit them for the material.

Unfortunately, that sounds like it goes beyond simple material warp. Especially since you tried the cleaning and flattening in the Troubleshooting guide. About all you can do is wait to hear from Support on this one. I’m sorry. :neutral_face:

I’m so sorry we didn’t get to your email promptly

I’ve found your email and am working on this issue there, so I’m going to close this topic.