So give the user the option to decide WHO he/she wants to see comments from. Pretty easy compromise, considering EVERY other forum has this option. But what I think Glowforge wanted, was to foster a community where these types of things DIDN’T occur.

You people are something else.

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I have no idea what you’re even talking about.

You were given that option when you opened your eyes. Read what you want. From whomever you want. Or don’t. The choice is yours. When I see the icon or name of a user that I don’t want to read, I simply don’t read it! Choice made and executed without issue.

What “types?” The type where people create something and display it? That’s pretty much the whole point here. Or is it the type where people want to whine about things that don’t matter? Probably not the intention of the founders, but it’s certainly as welcome as everything else here on this forum. I’ve certainly got no problem with either of those types. Is there another type you were referring to?

I can’t speak for “the people,” but I know I’d certainly rather be something else, than the same as… some.



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I think the title of the topic pretty clearly pointed to the direction it was headed, and I find it remarkably easy upon reading the title of a topic to know whether I want to read it or not. While nothing of a political nature is in this topic except perhaps the individual who is being satirized, if you are easily triggered by anything dealing with this individual, then I can see how you might be compelled by curiosity to look in and then upset by what you see. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is any way to insulate yourself from that – in this forum or anywhere else in our society or world for that matter.

I am a vegan, for both health and philosophical reasons. Not all too rare in this forum have been discussions of culinary dishes and preparations that fly in the face of my particular choices. I can ignore those topics when the title so indicates, and if I don’t or I have no indication as to the topic subject or the posts therein, I am neither harmed nor upset to read them. The diversity of our forum just like our nation is what makes it such a very rich place.


Sorry, but that turns out not to be the case. Discourse allows you to “mute” of posts from anyone of your choosing, likewise you can change any topic to “muted” and never see it again, thank Cthulhu – I use both of these liberally.


True, but I interpreted his request to be for blocking or ignoring a particular user.

Unfortunately, these two things are not at all mutual.

On one hand, you have people talking about CUISINE…and the other, you have someone creating a post that is clearly made to rustle people’s jimmies, and act as a powder keg.

Now, I don’t care what side of the political aisle you sit on, but creating a topic of this ilk is pathetic. As is everyone rushing in here to defend it, though with the current landscape of America, I shouldn’t be at all surprised.

I’m not sure about block or ignore, but there is a “Mute” option. I think the name makes it sounds like it will do what you want, but I haven’t used it so I don’t know how it actually works.

I believe you just need to add a person’s username to your mute list. I’m guessing my name is in a few people’s lists.

The list is located in your user profile under Preferences -> Notifications.

You can probably get there with this link…


Uhhh… Yes…



Easy peasy – go to https://community.glowforge.com/u/ /preferences/notifications and add the person to the “Users” section. Or, click you icon at top right, go to preferences, go to notifications, add muted user…


THANK YOU! Man…that REALLY is a HUGE lifesaver.

Unfortunately, you still see the person’s posts in the forum. Drat.

Well said…


Yeah that is unfortunate. I’m beginning to see the need for something like you’re taking about as you continue trying to argue your point.


Maybe if Henry made a FakeTrudeaukin for all of the Canadians that’d solve the “political” issue?
Or, make a FakeSchwarzeneggerkin since Arnold took over The Apprentice from The Donald?

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Well, @henryhbk…look what you’ve gone and done! This is another fine mess you’ve gotten us into. :rofl: kiidddddiingg! :wink:


LOL! I just want to know where he found the print file :grinning:

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So where are the chili recipes?


Made some tonight. That’s why I brought it up. SO good. Can’t wait until it sits overnight. Going to be amazing tomorrow!
A couple of not-so-common ingredients I use…
Corn. Adding corn is pretty key for me.
Liquid Smoke.

I just found out a lot of people don’t know about Liquid Smoke. It’s awesome. USE A VERY SMALL AMOUNT! It’s potent! There are some varieties out there. They’re all pretty similar. I use it on almost all meats when I cook them.
Let’s see… anything else out of the ordinary?
Oh… Brown sugar. Again, not much. Just a little when cooking up the meat. It adds a sweetness that… well, I just can’t explain it to you. An old Italian chef told me about it decades ago and I’ve been doing it ever since.
If you find your chili is too spicy, a common trick is to add grape jelly. Yes, you read that right. You’d think it’d ruin the whole thing. It doesn’t! It just does what you hope and cools it down a little. You can add a surprising amount of grape jelly to your chili without significantly affected the flavor.

No other tricks I can think of. :slight_smile:
As a self-proclaimed Food Nerd, I bet @jrnelson has some tricks up his sleeve. Me, I don’t do the food science thing… I just do the “Hey this tastes good.” thing. :slight_smile: