Falcon Heavy


“Whatever happens, it’s going to be exciting.” - Elon Musk
Today’s test flight will set some firsts. Very fitting the launch will be from the same pad that was the stage for another record first - the first Moon landing.
This will be the first time private enterprise has launched beyond Earth orbit.

Watch this historic launch here in about 15 minutes from now! :sunglasses:


Ooo, thanks. Watching now.


Wow. Missed almost all of it but the landing of the boosters. That was spectacular!


I offered Elon Musk two cubic yards of concrete in exchange for that car, but he wouldn’t go for it. Darn. A car as Dead Space Weight, bummer.


Magnificent! :star_struck:


Elon thought brick for ballast was boring.


That was INSANE!!!
Who would have thought that 50 years ago, watching the Apollo missions on a small black and white TV, that we would have witnessed anything this magnificent on our phones with a better picture!!
That was amazing!!
Thank you for sharing this!!!


That was amazing. A far cry from the Shuttle launches we’d watch in school in the 1980’s.
10 thousand frickin’ kilometers per hour. Are you kidding me?!


When those boosters landed - goosebumps and making noises like the ‘Double Rainbow Guy’!


Incredible to watch. That Tesla is only the fourth electric car to leave the planet!

Now I’m hitting refresh on twitter to see what happened to the third booster (and the fairing.)


Seriously, I know people whose footfalls are harder than those things gracefully kissed the ground.


Did the center stage stick the landing?


Watching those boosers land reminded me of science fiction movies as a kid!


Please updat us here!


It’s fairly common to not find out about the status of drone ship landings for a while afterwards. I’m actually more interested in if they attempted to recover the fairing.


Flatearthers: We’re still trying to launch a steam rocket a few hundred meters up.
SpaceX: cool story,… We just launched a convertible roadster into orbit around Mars.

Congratulations to SpaceX on this incredible achievement.


Nope, no Martian orbit for this Starman.

It’s actually going into a solar orbit. They planned for it to go into a highly eccentric elliptical orbit, with aphelion a little beyond Mars orbit. (And perihelion near earth; it’s basically in an endlessly repeating Hohmann transfer orbit.)


It’s a hyperbolic orbit. :rofl: It’ll go around Mars at some point on it’s heliocentric orbit.


My question is… If they send somebody up there to check things out and do a little space walk, since it’s an electric car, will they be able to turn on the car and spin the wheels? Put the top up?


I’m not sure but I do know one thing, they just saved a ton of money by not parking it in San Francisco.