False delivery dates

Ordered Glowforge Pro on December 13, 2020. Delivery date was January 7 2021.
It is now January 19th and no Glowforge. Not only no Glowforge but customer service cant even give me an expected date but " early February". Incidently that’s the same date they have been giving people ordering in the past few days !!!

I have already made two payments on affirm for a machine I don’t have !!!

Michael B (Glowforge)
Jan 13, 2021, 6:24 PM PST
Hi Scott,

First, I want to apologize for our delay. You’ve put your trust in us to deliver an amazing product and there still isn’t a Glowforge on your desk. You have every right to be upset with us. It’s on us to deliver what you ordered and we know the only way to make things right is to put a Glowforge on your desk. The team is working every minute to do exactly that.

I checked in with our logistics team and don’t have a precise ship date for your Glowforge order. I’ve confirmed that we’ve prioritized your order with our fulfillment center, and we’ll send your Glowforge to you by early February. As soon as your order ships, we’ll email you tracking information so you’ll know exactly when to expect delivery.

How do run a business that cant estimate a firm delivery date unless their is something disingenuous about the operation. Clearly something isn’t working internally at glowforge but hey they are soooo excited for you to get you wonderful glowforge !!! Just not sure when lol

I’ve saved this post because I’m sure the admin will delete it to save the mythology of GlowWorld but I have saved a copy for dissemination elsewhere and everywhere.

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i don’t have an answer for you, one of GF’s issues is delivery date estimations. that’s been a problem for a long time.

but they won’t delete your post. they don’t delete negative comments. they only delete things that violate the rules of the boards (like personal attacks that go over the line). eventually this thread will get locked, though. anything posted under problems and support gets locked when considered resolved or if sometimes sooner if they move the discussion to email chains.


I have gotten the response from my suppliers and with they way things are today with the Pandemic, shipping delays are all over nowadays. I just deal with it not much else you can do,

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Hi scott, Welcome to the forum!
One of the variables they have to contend with is the manufacturer (Flex) tools the production line to run a certain model, so if your choice happens to be the one they are running you would get it sooner.

I’m just another user, and not making excuses for them, but I have been around here for more than 4 years and have witnessed how they treat their customers. You don’t have to worry about nefarious behavior. :+1:


Same issue here brother. Ordered the Plus on Dec 27 and am paying for a machine I don’t yet have. I got the ‘early February’ email as well… Extremely frustrating. All things considered, I expected a delay (pandemic, holiday over-saturation for usps/fedex/ups, holidays, etc.) but 5 weeks or possibly 6 is aggravating and that’s hoping no additional issues come up once the GF gets delivered. I think the worst parts are having to turn away customers & GF has no answers.

@scott15 I’m so sorry for the delay in getting your Glowforge to you, and for the confusion with your estimated ship date. I have just followed up to your email with us, so I’m going to close this thread.

Please feel free to reach out to support@glowforge.com or start a new topic if you have any other questions.