Fan does not come on when doing exhaust fan cleaning

Cleaning the exhaust fan with the procedures in GF website. The fan does not turn on. It trys but can’t make a full turn. Anyone experience that issue? TIA

Are you trying to do the cleaning that requires being outside with the special spray cleaner?

yes I am

I have never attempted that process, but some who have tried it reported that the high speed of the fan caused blades to sheer off.

Perhaps you can get the fan clean with brushs and q tips rather than the electronic cleaner. I suggest contacting Glowforge support via email to report the problem.


Here’s a manual cleaning process that I think works better anyway:

Yes that is what I did. I contacted support when it first happened and I did what said to do, bought the cleaner but the fan does not come on as it should. This all started when the machine was smoking on the inside.

You need to click on the link I gave you. She shows a very thorough step by step procedure using swabs etc, that is pretty effective, and will probably get your fan unstuck.


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