Fan failure error

I have tried everything to get my glowforge to work. I keep getting air assist fan failure! I have switched all the ribbons deep cleaned the machine. 4 pins spring back when depressed. Cleaned all the fans even replaced one of them, free of all build up. I took laser head from my other glowforge and machine works perfectly. I believe it’s either the circuit board or the internal ribbon in the laser head. Please help?

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Can you swap the printer heads and have each machine working? Have you tried just changing the fan from the printer head that works on both machines?


Yes the fan works on my working glowforge. I tried the non working head on my other glowforge and got the error. This leads me to believe it is something wrong with the internal of printer head

Yes, that seems logical if the “broken” fan doesn’t cause the error on your working Glowforge and the non working printhead is not fixed by the working printhead’s fan.


The only question is can I order a new printer head circuit board or pin assembly

Only Glowforge can answer that question for certain. I know that they sell printheads on occasion, but you need to contact them via Support to get to that point. There are people in Facebook groups that off some repair parts.


They can get you a new printerhead, but I have no idea of the cost or timing.


Have you tried turning the fan OFF in the settings and using an external fan?

That was suggested to me a couple of years back as a solution to cut down the screaming jet engine noise of the internal fan.

Now the machine is beautiflly quiet, all fumes are sucked out of the machine by a 6 inch inline exhaust fan and after a few years, the machine IS relatively clean inside.

The fan in question is the air assist fan. You are discussing the exhaust fan.


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