Fan Flow Rate

Oh Grand wizards of Glowforgeness…

what is the cfm flow rate for the glowforge vent fan?

It looks like my installation is going to be at a different house. Been house hunting.
and I want to make sure I can get the air out so to speak. :slight_smile:



If I remember correctly, 200 cfm.

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Tidbits everywhere.


Here it is.


Holy moly only 200cfm but that loud

Wonder how long it takes for someone to do a tare down and replace the fans with something less loud. My serve case came with fans loud and bad pitch, replaced all of them with fans doing double the out put at half the noise and a much lower smoother pitch

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If my math is right (and a good chance that it’s not :joy: ) - 200CFM pushing through a 4" duct is moving through at a pretty good clip… about 26 mph, or 42 kilometers per hour, or 11.6 m/s.


Yes I think the only way to move air at 200cfm quietly is with a much bigger fan that would not fit in the machine.


Trust me it is. the window I vent out is into the parking area behind my apartment. I was curious to see what effect it would have for my neighbors as they walked by my window. Soooo I was cutting some hard maple (guessed it was the least bad option) and I went outside to investigate. The thing nearly blew my hat off! It dissipates quickly though. Maybe within 6 or so feet. It’s also a lot quieter from the outside.


Thanks for the answers folks.

Next time I will ask a harder question. :slight_smile:


My GF is up and running. But the fan noise is really loud - almost to an unacceptable level. I don’t feel that I can use the Glowforge at night because of the high pitch of the fan through the venting hose will disturb neighbors. My Trotex Rayjet is much quieter. I have a 270CFM 12V blower fan from Amazon ( for $30 that I use as a booster that is so much quieter than the 200CFM fan in the GF. I consider this a serious design flaw. My only hope is that when the air filter unit arrives no outside venting is required.

Are you using the flexible duct supplied? Most people report not much noise at the outlet when using that but if you replace it with rigid ducting there is a lot more noise conducted along it.