Fan (intake?) loud when idle

Hi all, I have a GF Basic at home (From September 2019) and a GF Basic at work (From August 2022). The one at home, when not being used, is nice and quiet. The new one at work, after ~5-10mins of inactivity, gets super loud. It’s not quite as loud as when I’m making a cut, but loud enough to make me concerned something is wrong. It seems like the loud fan is on the right side of the Glowforge and is probably the intake fan.

Is there any expected reason that the GF intake fan would run after 5-10 minutes of inactivity? If it’s helpful I can measure the exact amount of idle time before the fan kicks on.

Otherwise the GF is operating normally. But at best running the fan at full blast if I forget to switch off the GF will lead to early fan death, at worst it could be indicating something deeper is wrong. With the slim 6mo warranty of the GF Basic, I don’t want to chance it!

Does this happen to anyone else’s GF? Is this expected? Why does it only happen on the newer model?

Never seen that. I’d email just to get their opinion on it.

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