Fan issue?

Hello! My fan seems to not be working out of the back of the machine and there is a loud noise coming from the front right of it as well. I’m not too sure as I’ve never had any issues with it but wondering if anyone might be able to help me out or if this is something that will have to be sent back to fix. I attached a video Incase the sound on it may help but I’m really not sure what could be going on. My husband took it apart and cleaned everything really well and it’s still just having tons of smoke come out the front of the right side of the machine. Any help would be great. Thanks!!!

Look under the right front corner where the intake vent is and make sure there isn’t something like a piece of paper that has blocked the vent. Also, are you venting to the outside or do you have filter? Make sure your exhaust toggle is toggled appropriately.


So my husband says the fan on the back of the machine is the one that is broken. He did check that fan it is sucking in air. Is there anything I can do to still be able to use it if the fan in the back is broken?

Does the fan power up - is the toggle for the air filter off?

Many users have voluntarily disabled the exhaust fan and use an inline fan instead. It is much quieter and easier to clean.


Ok perfect. I will try an inline fan. Everything else is turned on.

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Final note since you say smoke is coming out the front of the machine, did you check the toggle?

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I did! I put in an order for an in-line fan I’m hoping that’ll do the trick. I appreciate your help!

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That’s the ticket. So much quieter. Just install it at the very end of your exhaust run so the smoke is sucked out the length of the run instead of pushed out.

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