Fan not running during cooldown?

Hi there, I’m experiencing a what I think is a problem I could use some advice on. Previously, when I ran my Glowforge Pro, the device clicked and a fan ran briefly after printing. Am I correct in assuming that’s the print head fan, or is it the exhaust fan? And is it supposed to run during cooldown in the first place? Apologies if that’s a dumb question.

If it is supposed to run, it’s stopped doing so after a print. At first, I noticed a change in pitch a few weeks ago and thought I must be imagining things, but after a few prints today on basswood and Proofgrade draftboard it stopped running completely. I also briefly got an overheating error but it disappeared immediately and I didn’t notice any delay in printing. I restarted the machine several times, but no dice.

I’ve cleaned the print head fan with compressed air and Zeiss wipes, and made sure to clean the four pins that I’ve read could become dirty and cause problems in other posts. I took photos before cleaning and can post them if needed. I also cleaned the exhaust fan although it wasn’t particularly dirty and runs fine during printing.

For some background: I received my Glowforge in March and I use it infrequently for prototyping. I’m still testing and designing what I’d really consider my “first project”, in part because I have a complicated design and am a perfectionist, but also because RSIs have kept me from working as much as I’d like. The majority of my prints last between 12 seconds and 9 minutes, but I’d say 3 minutes is the average. I’d be surprised if I have more than 20 hours on it, although I could be mistaken. The only materials I’ve used on it have been some thin leathers I have in stock, unfinished basswood, and Proofgrade medium maple hardwood, draftboard, and leather. Any advice would be really appreciated!

Just a change to the S/W recently. It was the air assist fan running after a print. It only did it for a couple weeks. Now it no longer runs after the print on all machines.


Omigosh thank you, I was freaking out there for a minute.


Our team is investigating now. In the meantime, the behavior you’re describing is harmless and doesn’t impact the operation of your Glowforge.