Fantastic Mr. Fox

With the new Wes Anderson movie, “Isle of Dogs” being announced, I was reminded of my love for his movie “Fantastic Mr. Fox”. It’s one of those movies that I could watch again and again and never tire of it. My wife found these images online and asked if I thought I could make something out of them. I think the answer is: yes.

I’m becoming more and more obsessed with these smaller projects (great for refrigerator magnets), and as you can see they are of varying sizes. This is because I didn’t print them all at once, but on a picture by picture basis. I played with contrast and engrave layers for each print, but in any case I love the results! We have a few friends that will love these when brithdays/Christmas come around :grin:


Came out fantastic!


My brother got that movie/set for his kids at Christmas and we all sat around and watched it. :+1:

Those are adorable! :grinning:


These are tooooooo cute!


Those are adorable!!! You got excellent contrast on them too!

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It’s amazing how great tiny things look at a high resolution like that. So much detail! Thanks for sharing.


I see what you did there

That was exactly what made each one fun to mess with. I will typically use the “image trace” and “expand” features, but this time I just converted them to b/W upped the contrast and battabing battaboom.


Wow, the contrast and definition is… fantastic! Also reminds me I haven’t made any magnets yet.

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I totally want to make little wooden figures like that, along with the various pieces of a whackbat field and make a game of some sort I can play with my kids. :laughing:


You might also consider sending a set to the artist who’s work you “found online” as a thank you and also let them know you will not be using these commercially. You might also ask permission from an artist next time before using their work. Miranda Dressler is an artist that works for a living at Cartoon Network.


I’ve ordered magnets from Amazon, but was fortunate to have spare ones here at home to practice with. It’s like hanging a kid’s art on the fridge, only, you’re the kid :grin:.

My wife had seen how well the prints fit back into the holes they’re cut out of and had mentioned that I could make little puzzles for kids, reminiscent to the old basic shapes one. We have friends with infants that would also love that sort of thing!

You make an excellent point. I had thought about doing this already once the magnets from Amazon came in, but thanks for the public reminder as others will be able to see this as well. I recently have been reading about the appropriation of Pepe the Frog and how the artist was okay with people using his design so long as he got a few prints etc of what it was being used for. He’s going through legal action to make his character usable only where he wants, and I’d rather not have to deal with such things if my use were to get back to the original artists. :blush: