FAQ (for real)

You’ve been in production release for about a year now. Can you please make a true FAQ page now and put it here in this forum? By “true” I mean look at the Problems and Support section since release day, identify the actual FAQs, and address them in such a page.

My reason for this request is simple… If they’re FAQs, clearly these will continue to need to be addressed. This means either you or we will need to answer them… every time… for eternity. I can’t speak for everybody, but eventually I think people could get tired of answering the same questions over and over again. That could mean either you answer them, or they won’t get answered. No matter what angle you look at it, somebody’s going to get annoyed.

I’m talking about things like… (And nobody should take any of these personally… We all asked the same questions in the beginning, too!)
I engraved a picture… Now how do I cut it out?
Hey what’s that ticking sound?
My alignment seems to be off. What gives?
Why isn’t the Glowforge app a design application, too?
Is $behavior normal behavior?

You get the idea… Whatever the actual FAQs are.

Thanks for listening to my humble suggestion.

Have a glowing day!


One hundred percent this. I’m all for being helpful but discourse has proven to be not so great as a searchable resource. As such everyone asks the same things and it’s definitely a drain on all of us.

While we have (and should have) the matrix, it is also a jungle full of inconsistent styles and with very little organization. As a new user I was always looking for a more authoritative-sounding resource.

I’ve been calling for an officially curated help section for a while, I totally agree that it’s time, if not overdue.


I agree fully as well. Many on the forum are way more patient than me with the same answers every time a new machine arrives. But, it has to get handled differently or we are going to lose the attention of the huge helpers for new issues.



Q) Is there a FAQ page?

A) No.


Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. I’ve shared them with the team.

You can also find answers to questions like these in our troubleshooters. We’re continuing to add content here, so stay tuned!

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