Faster engrave speed is slower?

I decided to run an experiment with the faster speeds. I would run at 1400 since I have the basic and compared it to the 1000 speed. The 1400 speed said it would take 4:10 and the 1000 speed said it would take 4:03. Doesn’t seem like an improvement.

Yes, already discussed here in many threads. It depends on the size (width) of your design.


The faster the head moves, the wider it has to go in order to speed up and slow down - so if your design fills the bed left to right, you’ll see a greater difference than if you’ve got a narrow engrave going


This happens because the machine needs more room at the higher speed to decelerate, stop and go back the other direction. There are lots of posts about the sweet spot for decreasing the time of an engrave in the forum under the discussion of the update. People have tested and it seems that larger engraves will benefit from the update.


Here’s some testing I did a couple of weeks ago:


With the higher speed, you can run hotter or use a higher LPI than you can at a speed of 1000. If you lower the power on a variable power engrave the spacing of each level is much less and thus the detail is greater.

You probably already do this, but just in case–Are you using “Score” instead of “Engrave” for your lines? Much faster.

Great information. After making wider projects, the speed has been realized and it making a big difference. Thank for all the comments. This community time after time never ceases to amaze me. Y’all are great!