Fastest way to remove paper from proofgrade

Hi, I have been using a razor blade, anyone know a faster way?

Gorilla tape or gaffers tape.


Gorilla tape works well.

I also often use the scraper (the big wide thing in the back) from this set:

(The rest of the tools come in handy too.)


Plastic razor blades – ends up being faster as you’re not as likely to scratch the surfaces (or cut your fingers). :+1: Gorilla tape, too!


Like @dwardio said… Ehdis 1.5" High Visibility Mini Razor Plastic Double Edged Blade Scraper with 10PCS Plastic Razor Scraper Blades for Scraping Labels and Decals from Glass, Windshields


To get the paper off of the leather, I’ve been using squinting combined with a rhythmic series of cursing.


ROFL! I remove the masking for engraving leather, engrave at a very low power (it doesn’t need much) and then put the mask back on for the cutting step.

(And i tape it down so it doesn’t move during the reapplication stage.)

But i love your description of the first time. Decided that wasn’t going to cut it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Duct tape works awesome, and is cheap.

A pro weeder gave me a good tip which works especially well for those bits of mask cut free in text. :sunglasses:

I second Gorilla Tape! also this if like me your fingernails are usually short:


Woohoo! Got to try one of those! I like the plastic razor blades, but something with a handle might be nice! :grinning::+1:

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I’m so glad you posted this, a while back I was looking for plastic razor blades on amazon and couldn’t find them. I didn’t look further than one search, but this will make my life so much easier on a lot of my smaller designs!

Like others have said, I use both gorilla tape, as well as the maximum level of duct tape. The duct tape is thinner whereas the gorilla tape is thicker, so I’ll use whichever is more convenient for the project I’m working on.