I was doing some low-power paper cutting today and thought I’d try out another delicate item—a feather! I figured that the interlocking structure would allow it to stay together, and it did, just barely.

Some magnets to hold it down, otherwise the air assist would cause it to take flight:

Fly! Cursive might not have been the best idea. Big block letters would probably work better, but wouldn’t fit as well with the elegant soaring theme of it all.

I wonder if very light engraving or scoring would work to mark it without burning through all the way. Back to the laser to find out!


It occurs to me with the low power settings you may be able to engrave a toasty tan on there.


I’d like to see an engrave too, I wonder if it’s possible? (Has anyone tried one yet?)



pete and I have found something new to do with all these feathers

giphy (5)


Ask and ye shall receive!

It’s a very cool effect because it’s burning through the tiniest interlocking parts of the feather, but not the thicker pieces that come off the main shaft. This leaves it almost like lace.

These aren’t Proofgrade, though, so results seem to vary from feather to feather. :wink:


Clearly we need :proofgrade: feathers.


wicked awesome


Oooooh…now I need to go pluck a bird! :heart_eyes:


Poor birdie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Dang! That poor thing needs more sweater! :smile:



Neat experiment.:sunglasses:


Man. Calibration is a pain.


Not normally. Something is going on today with the Calibration effort. Assuming it is temporary. My unit calibrates one time after power up. Consistently takes 90 seconds or less from the time I turn it on.


Mine worked fine after a power cycling and killing the GFUI browser & restarting that.

Into my second job in the last hour now.


I didn’t start her up until 5:30pm CST or so, but seems to be running as good as ever for me. :face_with_monocle:


Who DOESN’T love a good back scratch?!?


Lion tamers?


That… is… SO COOL!