Feature (improvement) Request

Use case; I have a good customer who to date has had me engrave tokens on both sides X 10,000 now.
For image registration, the files for each of the sides are superimposed, each a different color. So I engrave the first side, cut and flip them in the hole they were cut from. then ignore that side and enable the other.

Each time I ignore a side the settings are gone when I reenable it. If the settings were retained until I changed them, that would be very helpful.
I don’t know if that is possible, just thought I’d ask.



YES. Having the settings return to what they were prior to being set to “ignore” would be so helpful.


Yeah, they gave us that awesome feature of saving the settings when you close a file, it would be great if “ignore” didn’t erase them.


Yes, this would be a terrific feature. I really hope it gets implemented (soon).

Seconded (fifthed?)

Technically you can save the setting, but it still requires re-setting it each time though it’s one click rather than 3-4.

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My desktop is full of screenshots with settings for parts of complex jobs.


Thank you – I will share your idea with the team!

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