Feature Request: Better Organization for Custom Cut/Etch/Score Settings

The added organization for designs was a nice addition. It would be great if you could add organization to the cut/etch/score settings. First thought is to add folders similar to what you added for designs.

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Not a bad idea, you should email support@glowforge.com

Unfortunately, Glowforge staff doesn’t regularly read this forum (if at all).

Also, one way I’ve handled this is by taking advantage of the naming structure being alphabetic. Punctuation and numbers come before letters alphabetically, so I “pin” some settings to the top by using periods. “.scratch” is my go to “I need this setting for a couple of jobs but will not need it later” placeholder. Because of the period it’s always at the top.

Likewise naming your settings like “Leather: 1/8”, “Leather: 3 oz oil tan” etc will keep all the leather settings together in a sensible way.

I’m sure everyone has a different way to approach this but I’ve gotten pretty far with these alphabetical tricks.


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