Feature Request: Cooling required indicator / temp


IS there any way to view the status of the cooling mode? It’s been hot where I am recently (and my AC is woefully undersized) so the work room ends up around 75. The unit seems to be cool enough to run a single 5-10 minute operation before overheating then it just hangs for hours.

Is there any way to see the status of the cooling cycle so I can know when it’ll be ready to run as opposed to crossing my fingers and sitting around?


I’ve had the same issue this week. I’ve had it take 10+ hours to “cool down”. I did post a suggesting request in Problems & Support for a countdown timer - it’s unbelievably frustrating to see the time left in the job but have no idea when it will resume (I had one stop with 0:09! on the clock yesterday - it just sat there mocking me :smile: ) It seems the Basic requires a/c at 72 to be stable enough to be able to know it will always work when you want to just wander over and kick off a job. Higher than that and you may need to account for potentially considerable delays. I’m gonna have to a/c the basement workshop :frowning:

If you would repost your suggestion in P&S then Support will see it and maybe it will help add votes to the hopper item :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, there is not. However, 75ºF isn’t what I’d call “hot.” Maybe see what happens if you put a small desk fan aimed at the right side of the unit. I believe that is where the air intake and temp sensor are located. I’m sure I’ll be corrected in mere seconds if I’m wrong about that. :slight_smile:

Alternatively, you need better cooling in that area.


It’s been 4 minutes and no correction, guess you’re right :rofl:


He’s right about the air intake being on the lower (underside) right corner. I know that for certain. The heat exchanger plate is above that under the glowy button.

I’m not certain where the temperature sensor is - is it in the coolant system or ambient or attached to the heat exchanger. I think Dan mentioned in a post not so long ago where the cooling sensor was but don’t recall as it wasn’t really relevant unless you want to trick it - it’s the temp of the coolant that matters not what you can get the sensor to report. You defeat the sensor and run it overhot you’ve got issues.


Got my first ever pause in a job last night with 2:00 left on a 40 min run. The machine had given me notice of cooling down, but never in the middle of a run, always between jobs.

The only motivation I can think of for the aggressive temperature profile is tube life must be dramatically shortened by higher temps. They are obviously trying to sneak up on a happy medium.


I agree with you, that’s where the frustration comes in :slight_smile:


I might have missed it in all the recent flame wars, but that’s the first time I’ve heard of a pause and resume. Good to know. Everything before had been a no-start or fail with extreme temps.

Assuming your pause meant it had a resume.


DId it start again on it’s own, or did it give you a glowy button to resume?


Pause & resume works. No intervention necessary. Just patience.

I’ve experienced it a lot this week due to unseasonably high temps up here. Back to normal today so I’ll be able to get more than one job done per day.


I haven’t had a resume yet, it gets stuck in limbo for a few hours and then it’s time for bed. I’m paranoid enough to not leave the glowforge on unattended.


Seems like a bit of a safety issue if it restarts on its own after many hours.


Agreed. If it were to pause near the end of the day when I was getting ready to leave the shop, I would need to shut it down to avoid the possibility of it starting up again when I was not there. That would be very frustrating if it meant I could no longer properly align an end-of-job cut to a large engraving.


:slightly_smiling_face: I just leave it. Last night’s resumed (only had a minute & half left) between midnight and 9am when I checked.

I’ve had it go 12 or 14hrs. I’ve also killed them after a few hours as I’ve seen it not seem to cool when I think it should have or I lost patience and wanted to see if kicking it in the pants. About half the time I get an orange button on restarting the GF and half it will run another job fine so there is tweaking needed on the auto-resume.

I’m less paranoid about potential safety issues - I run a pellet stove in the winter with real fire :slightly_smiling_face:.


@rpegg and @jbv, it did resume after about 5 minutes, right where it left off.


Sorry about an additional question. Did it resume by itself or give you a safety opportunity to press the button?


It just suddenly started again, no warning.
There was a message while it was cooling on the UI.


Ok. Think that might need a future change. My opinion of course.


Startled me when It was just dead in the middle of the job. Startled me again when it kicked on. :scream:


Agree about having some form of notification about how long the cooldown is going to be (even if it’s an estimate). Or maybe in the UI have a graphic element that shows green, yellow & red (maybe a smiley face, concerned face and an unhappy face) to represent the temp status near the ‘Print’ button or in the pulldown UI.