Feature request, disable auto grouping

My typical workflow with the GF is to design something, upload it, realize the auto-grouping has done something I don’t like, delete the upload, try and fix the problem in Inkscape, and then repeat until I give up and split the file into multiple projects.

Seems like more often than not, the automatic grouping and layer feature is a force to be defeated rather than a helping hand. Can we get an option to simply disable this feature?


I have heard a rumor, this is something they are working on. – (it was mentioned in one of those upcoming things) – so as Rachael Maddow says “watch this space”

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In the meantime, when designing keep in mind that an object gets an invisible box around it - and if those boxes cross they (more often than not) get grouped.


Instead of multiple projects, if you create a 20"x12" art board, and only place some of things on the board and the rest off to the sides they’ll load in your GFUI just like that - and (more often than not) not grouped.


@AeroF Thanks for the suggestion about grouping in the workspace! I’ll make sure the team gets them. In the meantime, it looks like @deirdrebeth was able to get you a great suggestion for a workaround, thanks! I’m going to close this thread - but please feel free to post a new topic if needed. Thanks for letting us know about this!