Feature Request: Exposing glowforge notification, problem or other data reporting in separate tab

This is a feature request. A recently livecast Dan suggested making a forum post. Please redirect if this is not ideal location.

I’m proposing a separate tab in the app interface with a running data log to expose system reporting, temps reporting that could be valuable to the user in case they are experiencing issues. These sensors and things that report back would be helpful. Example, when I experienced issues with cold temps, the only message I was getting was and error in the calibration process. This was not helpful to me, but being able to expose some of the information from the log, that might help understanding and for submitting support requests. I know the data is there, would love to be able to see it. and I think you all could come up with even better examples of why it’s useful.


Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve passed it on to the team.