Feature request: fan on after job with case open

OK, I know the basic feature of fan run longer at end of job has been requested numerous times. But I have a variant. The fan cuts off immediately if the top is opened. (as if the fan is a whirling blade of death). Not sure why the fan can’t be on with the case open. I’d love to have it run as there are often wisps of smoke trapped in the honeycomb that wisp out into the room when you lift parts off. I realize the fan isn’t going to be super effective with the case open, but thats not the point. I just want a bit of a breeze to cause the tiny amount of smoke to not come out into the room (i.e. smell reduction). I realize the fan internally is not guarded, but it’s way on back left behind the rail, and seriously no little children are using a laser cutter unsupervised anyway (because only a 3 year old can reach the fan anyway, my big hands can’t get back there to clean…). I am of course only referring to the exhaust fan, since the intake fan wouldn’t do anything if the case was open but with the case open there is no resistance to outflow…


100 times this. It’s a mystery to me why GF hasn’t reacted to the fan thing; the small increase they did ages ago was clearly not enough.

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it would be really nice if the GFUI would just have a button that says something like “FAN ON/OFF” or “FAN: 15 Seconds”.

then i can run additional chunks of fan time any time i want to . not unlike most external filtering systems which will continue to pull air out of the laser cutter until you turn them off.

I may be wrong here, so I should probably stop now… but the function of opening the lid to kill a print essentially functions as an E-Stop, which should kill basically everything, no?


yes, it does. and maybe the fan should stop, too. but if we add something to the GFUI to run the fan, it could override that. or could be turned on once the lid is lifted to continue running while you lift your material.

i do wonder what, if any, control the GFUI will have over the external filter unit once it arrives. as i mentioned above, that’s one of the values of the external filter unit on my universal at work. i just let that sucker keep running as long as i want, door open or not, and it continues to suck air out and clean it.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.