Feature Request: File folder organization system for GF app

An amazing feature that I have seen suggested prior to this is a file folder organization system for the file storage in the Glowforge app. I am creating a new topic because it still hasn’t been implemented. the most recent I’ve found is in 2019.


It has been discussed much more recently than this, but worth another post since so many people have been asking for this for so long.

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I don’t get why you’d even worry about files in the app… the internet and all storage thereof is going to crash or be inaccessible at one point or another. Self-storage and organization is a much better solution than online.


I definitely use ‘self-storage’ and organization so I don’t have to worry about the safety of my files being held responsible by anyone other than myself. That being said, having organizational folders on the GF dashboard would be huge.


I had hoped for something like this in the past as well, but if it came out today it would probably get stuffed behind the paywall anyway.

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Obviously you should keep copies of your projects locally, but in the GFUI, it also stores settings an positioning which can be very important for repeatability.

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Stored settings are great as long as the file is being repeated within a short timeframe of the original, using the exact same materials. As a machine ages, power requirements change, materials change, weather conditions change, all of which require adjusted settings. I’d rather confirm settings on a small test piece of the current materials and machine health, than trust that everything is good and waste material.

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I never test. I have used it enough that I can eyeball the material and determine what settings are needed 95% of the time. I have erred in that once in a great while, but not usually. And “short timeframe” is a little subjective as I have ran the same project months apart without any issues. :slight_smile:

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I agree this would be a very helpful feature. We’d likely all use it differently, but it would make finding files so much easier!

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Thanks so much for the suggestion! That’s a great idea and I’ll share it with the team noting that this has been requested again!