Feature Request: Glowforge Cloud API

I use custom software to generate SVG files which I currently upload to my Glowforge manually. However, it would be handy if there was an API (preferably REST) that could be used to automatically upload designs and potentially load/position/configure designs ready for cutting/engraving as well.

I could envision using the API for the following features:

  • Glowforge status
  • CRUD operations on “designs”. (and “folders” when they arrive)
  • Operations to work with “layouts”. Where a “layout” is one or more designs (and/or artwork) loaded and positioned for cutting/engraving. Along with the settings for each. This layout could also be temporary or it might be savable for re-use later.

And I’m sure this list will expand as you folks continue to work on the GFUI.

I wasn’t able to find any docs on this sort of support with Glowforge. So I apologize if this already exists of has already been requested.


Just being able to save designs you layout on the screen would be amazing… There is for sure MUCH functionality I’m SURE they are working on adding…


This could be fantastic in cases where you’re producing a large number of similar objects, since scripts could load them up and send them, and you’d just have to swap in material and press the magic button!

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.