Feature Request : Grouping design elements in the GFUI

It would be really nice to have the option to group elements we create on the design. Many times we have to make multiple copies and fill up our material with what we need. If I’ve made some changes though in the GFUI and put layers of things together, I have to make sure to select things just right to move them around (and even moving them around is hard sometimes as it likes to select the elements behind it sometimes).
It would be nice to be able to select some elements and Group those. Conversely if you select a group have an option to Ungroup if its a group. When moving elements the group will keep everything as one unit and you can’t change elements inside it unless you UnGroup.

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Grouping has definitely been a popular feature request. One way to get past this is to do it in the design file instead of in the dashboard. You can group items if the have the exact same stroke color (or fill). This gives you a lot more control over the design as the GFUI is still making improvements.

Hum. I’ll have to recheck my file as I thought I had the same color but it still split them up. Maybe I didn’t get the color correct. Thanks for the info. Is there a guide to how their system analyses files. I know some basics but would love to see the full detail as I’m sure it would help my designs.

All the same color will be processed the same way, but you can move them individually. It was that if you had a vector around things they were all fixed together but that proved to be a worse option, So now you can select with a “crossing” that touches each thing and get it all or pick right on a part and get the one thing, Or as I often do, type Shift A and select everything in the GFUI.

Oh I see, you meant to group and move, not about grouping to change setting. My apologies. As @rbtdanforth said, you can put a box or a bounding shape around the things you want grouped. But again, the easiest thing to do is set it all up in your design software if you can. This way you can get everything as close as you need!

Not as good for fitting onto the big places in the scrap, but again that only does good if you have the calibration done and finished without being disturbed then set focus can be accurate.

Yes, sorry for the confusion but that’s what I meant. I know there are work arounds but I think it would be a nice feature at some point, thus the feature request. There hasn’t (yet) been something that I couldn’t work around, it would just be nicer to have a richer environment. I know they have lots of things to work on, just sharing ideas that I could have used to help with my current workflow. None of them are deal breakers. I was a software dev and then manager (I’m on disability and just helping my daughter in the technical side of this) so I understand the trade offs of development. But I also know that sometimes the beat ideas come from customers since a dev may be thinking of things in different terms than daily users. I do appreciate the changes I’ve observed so far and look forward to any they have in the future.

being able to use the operation thumbnails on the left of the GFUI to select the elements they represent, and being able to select several at once (a-la shift-click or cmnd-click in illustrator) would be very helpful. Both for your issue, and for the times when you can’t remember (ahem… when I can’t remember) which similar element is which.


That is an interesting solution.

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