Feature request: high fidelity preview

Looking at some of the recent posts around photo engraving gave me this idea.

It ought to be possible, for Proofgrade at least, to render a reasonably accurate simulation of what the result will look like, taking into account the material’s characteristics and how it reacts to different power levels and speeds.

I am envisioning something like an WebGL view, where you can examine a 3D rendering of the finished product and see how the details and contrast are affected by varying print settings.

This is way beyond what the app does now, but sometimes software moves in leaps and bounds, so I’ll file it here as something I could see providing a ton of value.


Shoot, I’d be happy with a full-screen view of the current render/flight plan screen. It’s so little.


Thanks for the suggestions @chris1 and @jbv! I’ll pass them both to the team.