Feature Request: Highlight Job Step

Wouldn’t it be neat if the GFUI highlighted which ‘step’ it was on in the left ‘layer’ tray?

Say you had three steps: engrave, inner cuts and outer cuts in that order. Once you hit the button the engrave step would highlight and when that was complete the inner cuts step would highlight.

It doesn’t provide much function really but it would be night to confirm what you are seeing in the machine.


You should be seeing a sort of “live” window as it’s cutting that shows you exactly what it’s doing at the time.

I’ve found that not to be accurately timed. It’s really small and hard to discern what’s actually happening. It might be useful to color the operations differently in that live window?


I think a trace feature might be helpful. If it showed a visual trace of the cuts in the user interface before you print. It would help identify double cuts before you commit to material.
With a variable speed or timeline on the trace function so you could scrub forward and reverse.


I’ve found that if you happen to close the preview pane and open it again, it starts over from the beginning instead of picking up where it left off. Highlighting the step it was on would also be quite beneficial.

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Thanks so much for the suggestions. I’ll be sure to pass them on to the team.