Feature Request: Hitting the button during a print aborts the print


If I run into an issue where my material catches on fire, I either have to try to abort it in the app, or open the lid and let the smoke out.

It would be very nice if pressing the button again aborted.


Not too sure I like this request… I’ve accidentally pressed it a few times when I was standing by it waiting for it to finish something. Also, you can just sightly lift the lid and it will abort your print.


There have been many requests over the years to make the button pause the machine. Pausing CNC machines is pretty routine, but Glowforge is rewriting the rule-book for some reason.

If you actually want to abort a print, lifting the lid is apparently already an option (as you mentioned). If your material is literally on fire, you’re probably going to want to lift the lid to start dousing the flames anyway.

For less serious (but still smoky) issues, a quick lift and drop might only let out a small amount of smoke (though, I can appreciate that letting out any would be a drag).


If something is on fire, don’t you want to lift the lid to smother the fire?


It is a direct consequence of sending waveforms. The GF doesn’t know how to decelerate the head to do a controlled stop. All it can do is stop blindly outputting a waveform. In general that will cause the steppers to lose steps and it will need to recalibrate to know where it is. Then it would need to ask the cloud for a new motion plan started where it aborted the waveform but with a controlled run up to be going at the correct speed.

They sure have made things hard for themselves!


Thanks for that suggestion! I’ll make sure the team gets it.

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