Feature request: isolate path

So this is a common thing in the CAD world, where you have a complex design with a lot of paths/parts and you’re trying to make sure you have the right one. For example I had some really complex name cards I was doing for thanksgiving and trying to figure out which operation I was clicking on in the little boxes on the left. So in most cad programs you can set “isolate” or something on an object/sketch and everything else is temporarily hidden and then you click and select unisolate when you are done.


This is a great idea for a feature to add to the app! I’ll share it with our product team along with a note that it came from one of our long-time Glowforge owners and forum members.

You may already be familiar with this, but for now something that could help with tracking which print step is which could be to assign colors to your print steps so they automatically load in an expected order:

The RGB table on that page has a few examples to show the pattern, but you can create even more steps by adding RGB values incrementally between the examples shown. Please let me know if this helps!


Yes I am familiar with that. However when you have 15 steps (it complained I had a lot of steps in the job) that’s less useful when trying to remember which path is score vs. engrave.


Thank you for following up with my colleague @henryhbk! I can see how the workaround could present additional difficulties.

We’ve gone ahead and shared your feedback with the team. I hope they decide to go with it in a future version.

In the meantime, I’m going to close out this request. Should any additional questions or concerns arise, don’t hesitate to start a new post, email us at support@glowforge.com or call us Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm PST at + 1(855) 338- 2122.