Feature request: Manual fan control and/or constant low on

This has been mentioned several times, but since we are told to create a new ticket to bring up the same stuff… here I am :slight_smile:

I’m sitting next to my GF and the stink is barely noticeable during the forging process. But as soon as it stops, and the charred wood is just sitting there I start to smell it. Would be great to be able to run the fan longer, or even better have it run slowly at all times to have a slower put still negative pressure on the air in it. Would greatly reduce the number of brain cells I am likely to be killing inhaling this stuff.

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I ended up 3d printing an adapter that goes from the 4 inch hose to a 120mm fan and I put a fan inline on the end (where it exits my home) of the hose that runs at low speed at all times when my GF is on. This has eliminated almost all residual smells except for times when I am am impatient and open the GF immediately after the print finishes. This is definitely a needed improvement that works well.


Thank you for the request, and for the great organization!