Feature Request - Object size, Scale tool/dialog, and Paste behavior

Three-parter, likely mentioned elsewhere but figure I’d throw the request in.

Overall object size - a tool or window in the UI that shows the overall extents of the selected objects. This would be very helpful in conjunction with…

A proper scale tool - the scale functionality is already in the UI, but as of right now it’s just dragging the nodes of your artwork around. For more precise work would be very nice to be able to scale art by exactly 1.5 or .83 or whatever float is needed.

Third is the way the paste functionality behaves. Right now, ctrl-c + ctrl-v will paste the copy of the selection where the original art was inserted to. This can cause problems, especially with complex or overlapped multi object jobs. If the original wasn’t moved far enough, this places the pasted copy right on top of the first one. If the pasted art is a selection of multiple objects, trying to fish the pasted items off of the original is a major hassle. I would like to see the pasted item either inserted where the cursor is, or the copy placed outside of the work area so it doesn’t interfere with anything already placed, so the final location can be determined by the user.


It would be great to have the “Paste” and “Paste in place” options. Just my 2 cents.


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll pass it on to the team.

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I still haven’t seen the UI but it would be nice if the scale function was like Transform in PhotoShop, that you can either eyeball the scaling or rotation, or go to the top of the window and input the values.

I so want this as well. I would also like a “center to page” option. It would help with aligning and other issues.


If there is object layering tye accidental overlaps or scaling issues would go away. If you put the first piece on layer 1 and froze it then everything done on layer 2 would have no effect on layer 1 and so on. Would even be nice to assign different cutting speeds and cutting intensity on such a per layer basis.

Thanks for the additional suggestions! I’m happy to pass them on.

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