Feature request: Print multiple copies

Hello GF! You know what would be great? The ability to specify how many copies of a given design I want to print. For example, if I’m making 25 widgets that each take up most of the print bed, right now I have to send 25 separate print jobs, going back to my PC every time to re-send it to the cloud and waiting for the back-end to do the reprocessing again before hitting the print button each time.

If we had a “number of copies” option when sending the design to print, I could send one job with a “qty 25” flag and the GF could be smart enough to print the first copy, then let me remove the material and replace it with new before flashing the print button again as soon as the lid closes. Then I could just press the button to start the next copy. No more re-uploading to the cloud, no more back end re-processing of the same job, faster turnaround. I would think it would be worth it on your end just to save the back-end server resources.



It’s similar to the (probably second most common) request to just be able to repeat last print. It’s been in the “hopper” for years. It would save them money in cloud processing resources.

No harm in bringing it up again.

Just guessing, but I am thinking the problem with doing that might be that height info and material location info might be included in the “processed” job. When you open the lid and put in a new piece of wood, if you just tried to repeat the last job, then the height or placement might be off. It probably wouldn’t be a super big deal, but I know this is a super precision machine, so maybe that is why they don’t do that.

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That is exactly why they don’t do it.

I think they should let the owner choose if they want to take that risk.

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Captured! I will share your idea with the team.

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