Feature Request: Proofgrade Acrylic engrave settings

the woods have nice shades as options can we get a surface, shallow, middle, and deep set for proofgrade acrylic instead of just one engrave?


+1. I should have taken some good pictures, but when I was playing around with the acrylic, I did a manual engrave at very low power… it looked at first like it didn’t even get through the masking, but what it actually did was create a super shallow engrave that barely shows up in room lighting, but as soon as you edge light it the whole thing pops. It’s a cool effect I intend to use often, and it would be nice to see it built in.


Doing a manual engrave gives the option for multiple passes. I have used that to achieve a deep engrave on 1/4" that turned out well. As long as the work is not moved, you can also run the file again, so you can get unlimited passes that way.

Tip to bear in mind is engraving closest to the light source tends to slightly ‘shade’ engraving above it, so it’s best to do shallow closest to the light, and go deeper as the design progresses further from the light so all of the engrave catches the light and it is evenly lit.


Thanks for the tip.


NP, I took that advice from @dwardio, and have been very pleased with the results. :sunglasses:


Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll capture this thread and make sure the team gets the feedback.

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